Igia Ionic 4-in-1 Freshener AT6706 - 1 ea

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Product Description

Neutralizes odors and gently removes moisture with circulation of fresh air, ions, and ozone.

How Ionic 4-in-1 Freshener works: Odors that remain in our daily life build up over time, especially in shoes, clothes, smoke rooms, and so on. The Ionic 4-in-1 Freshener cancels these odors by oxidizing after they've been worn, leaving them fresh and odor free.

  • Workstation & Room Ionizer - Circulate and ionize odors as it purifies the air around your workstation. Put it to work anywhere you want fresher, cleaner air.
  • Ionic Shoe Freshener - Insert it into your shoes and switch on to draw in fresh air. Create a drier, healthier environment to help eliminate fungus, mold, mildew, bacteria and odors.
  • Ionic Closet Dry Cleaner - Hang in your closet and circulate natural air to neutralize lingering odors in all kinds of fabrics. Choose low setting for regular conditions or high setting for stronger odors.
  • Mini Night Lite w/Air Purifier - Plug in the wall of your bedroom as night lite. Purifies the air and helps destroy odors to let in fresher, cleaner air as you sleep.

AC adaptor included (UL #E140898). 4 'C' Batteries not included.
Model # AT6706