Klimaire 3/4 Ton 9,000 Btu/h Low Wall Ptac Air Conditioner Conditioning and Heating with 3 Kw/h Electric Heater and LCD Wall Thermostat

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Our Price: $596.00

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Product Description

High-Tech Fan for quiet operation. The saw teeth curved blades of the fan are strategically curved and sized to maximize the air flow across the outside coil, minimizing energy consumption and increasing efficiency. The slinger ring throws condensate on the back and sides of the bent coil for additional cooling and reduces the amount of condensate that leaves the unit. Easy-Clean Filter - The KLIMAIRE PTAC pull-out filter offers easy maintenance without opening the intake grille. Just simply slide out the filter for easy cleaning. Activated charcoal filters are also available as an option to absorb airborne orders. Quick Condenser-Coil Cleaning - Easy access to KLIMAIRE Coil technology makes routine maintenance a snap - saving you money. The entire top of the Coil shroud is easily removed. Now, the whole condenser can be cleaned, thoroughly and quickly, which improves heat transfer, maintains capacity and efficiency and significantly extends the compressor and sealed system life. Exceptionally Quiet Operation. Ultra-balanced saw teeth shaped fan blades and dual fan motors assure whisper quiet performance. A very quiet rotary compressor powers this unit for assurance of silent operation. Convenient & Reliable Electronic Controls KLIMAIRE PTAC units come equipped with two controls for different applications. We also offer an optional wireless remote control. Push Button Control Every unit is built with push button control on the right hand side of the unit with an electronic receiver. Remote Control (optional) Units can be equipped with an electronic remote control for easy and convenient use of the unit. Electronic Wall LCD Thermostat This is the best solution & application for commercial users as found in the hotel industry. The state of the art wired control with 10ft cable & quick connect plug are included with the KLIMAIRE PTAC unit.

  • Elegant, compact, quiet fan with hi-tech computer control features
  • Exceptionally Quiet Operation
  • For cooling / heating up to 400 sq ft
  • Includes 2 controls, An Electronic Wall LCD Thermostat and push buton controls on the unit.
  • Easy-Clean Filter